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Daily maintenance of ozone aging test chamber

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1. It is necessary to designate a dedicated person to operate, store, and maintain the equipment in order to ensure its normal operation.

2. If there is abnormal noise in the components such as the motor blowing device and the rotary table deceleration device during long-term use of the equipment, it should be inspected and attention should be paid to frequent cleaning and refueling.

3. If the equipment has a gas collection pipe, it is necessary to ensure that one of the outlet valves is open when the ozone generator is turned on, otherwise the gas cannot come out, which will cause the discharge pipe to burn out.

4. Keep the appearance of the box clean and tidy; Avoid dust intrusion into the box; After the experiment, cut off the power supply of the entire machine. The ozone aging test chamber is an essential part of ensuring high product quality, and the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment is beneficial for extending its service life, which is more conducive to product testing and ensuring its quality.

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