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Product features of Hongjin acceleration impact testing machine

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The safety automatic bumping vibration impact tester for Hongjin acceleration impact testing machine is used to measure and determine the impact resistance of products or packaging, and to check the functional reliability.Test the structural integrity of the product under impact environment. It is possible to conduct impact tests on conventional waveforms such as half sine wave, post peak sawtooth wave, trapezoidal wave, etc., to achieve the impact and impact energy that the product is subjected to in the actual environment, thereby improving the system or optimizing the packaging structure of the product. The impact test indicators are: the peak impact acceleration can reach 5000-5000m/s2, and the acceleration duration is 0.2-1ms. The impact test results can be used to understand the impact resistance and usage environment of its products.

Dongguan Hongjin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.was founded in June 2007 It is a high-tech manufacturing company that specializes in the design and automatic control of large-scale non-standard testing equipment like simulated environmental testing, material mechanics testing, optical dimension measurement, vibration impact stress testing, new energy physics testing, product sealing testing, and so on! We serve our customers with the utmost passion, adhering to the company concept of "quality first, honesty first, committed to innovation, and sincere service," as well as the quality principle of "striving for excellence."

Characteristics of acceleration impact testing machine products:

Product Features

1. Low pressure cylinder: reverse driving force and brake power all use lowpressure cylinder,safe and reliable, easy maintenance.

2. Two pneumatic brake mechanisms: Two pneumatic brake mechanisms workat the same time to ensure reliable locking.

3. cylinder or segment spring drive: the cylinder or segment spring drive, impactoverload value size by adjusting the air pressure to control.

4. Digital control: after the height setting is completed, the computerautomatically controls the lifting height of the table, with high accuracy andgood impact repeatability.

5. special composite table: high performance special composite table, built-inwaveform amplifier, easy to use, stable performance.

6. in line with IEC, MIl, GJB, JIS, ASTM and other international and domesticstandards of shock wave requirements.

7. high performance cast aluminummesa: cast aluminum mesa has higher strength and hardness and higherfirst-order resonant frequency, low noise, no clutter.

The unique composite shock response technology can accurately achieve "positive shock" and effectively absorb the high-frequency harmonics of the shock. The shock waveform on the shock table can reach a response of over 100000g, close to a sine wave.

By adopting a replaceable hanging hammer arm method, different impact response tables can be replaced according to test indicators and specimen loads, expanding the range of use of the testing machine.

The separation of the acceleration guide seat and the impact hammer ensures that the impact response of the impacted surface is close to the ideal physical model, resulting in more accurate and easily controllable impact parameters.

A direct impact damping system, with high-efficiency shock absorbers installed at the bottom, absorbs the impact energy of the acceleration guide seat after the impact is completed, and reduces the vibration of the hanging hammer arm.

The damping device of the high acceleration impact test bench directly absorbs the impact kinetic energy of the hammer after the impact is completed, automatically eliminating the generation of secondary impacts.

The sturdy safety protection device can effectively prevent personal injury and damage to surrounding instruments caused by improper installation of the specimen or accidental damage to the impact device.

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