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Hongjin Instruments Participated in the 2023 Semiconductor Exhibition

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The theme of this conference is "Core Ties, New Future", focusing on new markets, products, and technologies in the industry. Three main forums will be held: Summit Forum, High Quality Development Entrepreneurs Summit, and Innovation and Application Summit; Parallel forums such as the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Circuit Industry Innovation and Development Forum and the 6th China IC Unicorn Forum will be held around comprehensive topics such as integrated cooperation and the development of specialized, refined, and new small giant unicorn enterprises; The second advanced packaging innovation technology forum, the fourth international third generation Semiconductor industry development summit forum, EDA/IP nuclear industry development forum and other parallel forums were held for advanced packaging, the third generation semiconductor, integrated circuit design tools and other hot areas; Focusing on industrial ecological issues such as talent cultivation, financial support, and communication and docking

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